What clients have to say

First things first- Michelle is THE best dog walker and dog boarder I have EVER had! She has taken care of my little Angel for over three years and I have to say she truly has a gift with animals. She is very loving, caring, and invested in all of her furry babies and my Angel always come home calm, and happy. She only boards one dog at a time so that they can get her full attention, and her kids are the greatest helpers! For walks, she does not cut into your time-in fact she takes her time during walks and makes sure my dog has water, and is left with plenty of doggy rubs. To top it off, Michelle is very professional and has competitive dog rates! I couldn’t be happier with her in our lives!

Kirsten T.

Dec 13, 2017

Michelle is wonderful! She is completely dependable. Our dog loves her and she loves him. She trained him to heel at crosswalks and to wait before going through the door. She leaves a comprehensive note after each walk/visit.
Michelle took great care of our dog for four years as his walker/daytime visitor, beginning when he was a puppy. She recently stopped her walk/visits because I retired and we no longer needed someone to come to our home while my wife and I were at work, but she still boards our dog at her home while we are away. He always comes home from his boarding visits in a good mood.
We recommend her as a dog caregiver without any reservations.

stuart r.

Oct 19, 2017

Michelle Neely and her pet services are the best. She really is the female dog whisperer. She gives your pet love and affection as well as training and caring for all her pet clients. I have left my “Joey” several times when I vacation. She is also available last minute for walks and daycare. My dog runs to her for kisses and rubs. The best ever!!!!!

bonnie g

dec 19, 2017