I utilize psychological learning theory and a broad knowledge of dog behavior in my training methods.   Positive Behavioral Reinforcement, combined with Operant Conditioning, have served me well in the 17 years I have spent actively working with dogs.  I also have many hours of continuing education and consider myself a lifetime learner, just as the dogs I work with are always learning.  Consistency, positive reinforcement and a true love for what I do each day, are what produce results.  

I consciously stay away from the word "No", except for one command and for safety issues.  This way, the dog understands that "No" actually does mean "STOP".   I also make every interaction a combination of work and fun.  
When I work with a dog, they become a member of the Michelle's House family and the parents do as well. 

Gone, but never forgotten:  my precious Lady Bella who was responsible for starting me on my journey to this lovely career working with dogs.