Michelle's House
  1. Exclusive Boarding
    I provide a safe home environment geared to serve only one dog, or a family of two dogs at a time. Dogs are not crated unless it is at owner request. They choose their own sleeping arrangements, whether it is their own bed, the couch, with me or with one of the children. They are allowed to free roam in every room except the laundry/storage room. They eat their own food, have access to a small fenced yard and receive a minimum of three walks per day. They also get all the loves and snuggles they can handle. My babies return home more spoiled than they left!
  2. Daycare
    I understand that many dogs require extra attention during the day while parents are away at work, or doing extra errands. When boarding dogs are not present, Michelle's House is available for doggie daycare to provide that extra care. Traditional doggie daycare is normally a very high energy environment with a lot of dogs present and a few staff members. Some dogs need a quieter place to be, don't mix well with other dogs, or simply thrive with the higher level of attention they receive with me.
  3. Training & Training Walks
    Training sessions and training walks are typically 30 minutes long. They are designed for dogs of all ages and proficiency levels. I teach all dogs basic manners such as sitting at street corners, waiting to cross, then crossing at command. I also teach them not to approach strangers unless invited. Dogs are then taught other basic manners according to the owner's wishes and their particular need, such as no pulling on leash, how to turn left or right on command, no jumping, etc. Each dog is met at their level and brought forward according to their needs and their parent's desire..