I have over 17 years of experience working with dogs. My degree in Psychology, my years of experience and just 'seeing it work', all couple to convince me that my method of Positive Behavioral Reinforcement is the training method that works best for me.  The dogs that I have had the pleasure of working with all fall into two categories:  work for food or work for love.  That's it. Once you figure out their primary motivation, the program can commence.  Consistency, positive reinforcement and a true love for my babies are what produce results.  I consciously stay away from the word "No", except for one command and for safety issues.  That way, the dog understands that "No" actually does mean "STOP".   I also make every session a combination of work and fun.  
I can say, proudly, that I have never lost a client due to my own actions!  When I begin working with a baby, they become a member of the Michelle's House family and the parents do as well.  We are growing by leaps and bounds!